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Old Navy Bargains and Service

I don’t regularly shop at Old Navy. I’m not sure why, I just don’t. In fact, I don’t think that I ever bought anything there until this Sunday. I went because traditionally the James Family gets new jammies to wear every year on Christmas Eve. Jammie pants were on sale, and I had a coupon. So off I went. It turned out to be more of an adventure than I expected.

First, Old Navy was not where I expected it to be. That is, it wasn’t where it was last time I saw it. And it must have moved some time ago because there was no sign on the door telling me where it went. I thought, “Thank Goodness for phones with GPS.” I should have known that it wasn’t to be that simple. For those of you who live in the area, I went to the Old Navy that used to be at Arapahoe Crossings, near the Chinese Theater. GPS was telling me that the closest Old Navy was at Park Meadows Mall. This was a 20 minute drive from where I was at.  You can see the map of the area.   I was a point A, Old Navy at point B and I live at point C.

This seemed wrong to me and I spent 20 minutes trying to find a closer Old Navy. Didn’t find one listed on GPS. I almost went home, but I knew that I would have to eventually go back out to get jammies. So, off I went.

As I was headed to where I thought the closest Old Navy was, I saw a sign for Old Navy. This was in the shopping complex that was diagonal from where the Old Navy used to be. This was also much, much closer than the one GPS was telling me to go to. Of course I was in the right-hand lane and needed to be in the left-hand lane and it was impossible for me to get over, so I had to go past the shopping center and turn around (for those of you who know the area – I was on Arapahoe Road headed West and had to turn around at Jordan).

I got into the parking lot and found Old Navy. Great! Not so great. There were no parking spaces. At least no parking spaces that were even somewhat close to the store. And I’m using crutches and walking very slowly on my injured foot. I finally found a space that was at the back end of the parking lot. It took me a long, long time to make it to the store. When I got in the store, I got a shopping cart and put my crutches in it. The shopping part wasn’t so bad. Of course, I didn’t know the store and needed to go back and forth a few times finding what I needed. I guess that is what I get for never shopping there.

When I finished shopping, I went to pay. The cashier was Danny, a Senior at Eaglecrest High School in Centennial. He was friendly and talkative. Apparently, because of the jammie sale, I also was entitled to a free pair of socks. I didn’t know this and Danny went running to get several pairs of socks for me to choose from. It was sweet. As he was bagging my items (and I’ll get to all of that in a minute), I asked him to put fewer items in bags so I could carry them with the crutches. He told me that he would carry my bags out to my car for me. AMAZING! I told him that my car was parked far from the store and he said that it didn’t matter. He ended up walking with me to the car, while I pushed the shopping cart and then he brought the cart back to the store. He was genuinely helpful and very sweet. It was refreshing and I am going to let Old Navy know how lucky they are to have him.

I also got some unbelievable bargains.   Here is the list –


Regular Price

Sale Price

30% off Coupon Price

Short Sleeved Men’s Tee Shirt




Short Sleeved Men’s Tee Shirt




4 Fleece Blankets

($10.00 each) $40.00

($6.00 each) $24.00

($4.20 each) $16.80

Long Sleeved Women’s Tee Shirt




Cozy Socks


Free with Sleep Pants


2 Sleep Pants

($16.94 each) $33.88

($7.00 each) $14.00

($4.90 each) $9.80

2 Sleep Pants

($19.94 each) $39.88

($7.00 each) $14.00

($4.90 each) $9.80

Food Container




Lace Trimmed Henley




Classic Tee

On Clearance ($3.99)



15 Items Total




From the regular prices, I saved $124.74! The best part is that I got some really good stuff.


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  1. Wow, wish there was an Old Navy near my house.


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