My journey to shoot for the moon.

As I wrote in a previous post, I have been working on cleaning out our storage area. I am done for now, but I did go back and get the two boxes marked “keepsakes” and brought them to the apartment to go through them. I found some amazingly wonderful things.

One box was mostly baby clothes that I want to keep. They are some of my favorite outfits worn by the boys and I hope that they will be interested in them when they have kids of their own. Also, in the bottom of that box was David’s baby box.

This was a shower gift that I got from Chris’ sister, Dina. It is a box that looks like a book. You open it and it is a box. There is also an area where there is a pocket to store little things and three cardboard drawers. In this box, I found our hospital bracelets. I also found hair from David’s first haircut.

The real treasure I found was pictures of David with his paternal great-grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa Bohn both adored David. That isn’t to say that they didn’t adore all of their great-grandchildren, but we lived close and they saw David quite frequently. We regularly met them for lunch and since we were so close, I sometimes took them to run errands. Grandpa Bohn died while I was pregnant with Michael (if I remember correctly).

After Grandpa Bohn died, we spent even more time with Grandma Bohn. She didn’t drive, so I would take her to the grocery store. When we went into the store, she would go her own way and I would go mine. We would see each other throughout the store and she would “play” with the boys. We would meet up after we paid for our groceries. One time, I saw Grandma Bohn putting something into her purse. I was puzzled. I didn’t think that she would be stealing, but heck, what did I know. It was at a display of cut melon (or something similar). We had a good laugh later because what I saw wasn’t her putting something in her purse, but taking ice out of her purse that fell in while she was looking at the melon.

Anyway, I didn’t know that I had the pictures in David’s baby box. I also found albums that Chris’ mom (Grandma Kay) put together of each of the boys. The pictures of Michael as an infant, I thought were lost. I had such a difficult time with his birth and he was so bruised that I didn’t let anyone take many pictures of him (Michael’s birth is worthy of its own post). There are a couple of him the day he came home from the hospital, sitting in Grandma Bohn’s arms, hooked up to the bilirubin blanket.

Apparently, I also saved preschool artwork for both the boys, all the letters Chris wrote me before we got married, birthday cards and a number of other things I had totally forgotten about. I went through all the stuff and tossed a lot of it. In the cards, I found ones from the boys’ “Uncle Doug” who died when the boys were little. I also found cards from some of my grandmother’s friends and relatives to me and the boys.

All in all, after I purged, there was still enough stuff to fill a storage bin. Pictures, cards, letters, memorabilia. I added to my collection of stuff to scrapbook and am working on getting all of it organized so that scrapbooking it will be easier.

Since I started scrapbooking, I keep all the “stuff” in accordion files. I found many of these files for a dollar or under. Each file will hold 7-10 “events.” The programs from David’s plays, school awards, ticket stubs, brochures and maps from places we’ve gone and anything else that will be nice to either scrapbook or have, goes into a file and then the entire folder is labeled with what is inside (as there is no rhyme or reason to how the folders are organized). This year I started files for each of the boys for their stuff from this year, so when I go to do a scrapbook page of their school year, everything will be in one place. This is an ongoing process and I still have a lot of stuff to organize and now I have all the stuff I pulled out of storage. However, I would imagine that this is better than finding everything years and years from now.


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  1. A box that looks like a book; as a novelist that is something I would treasure.


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