My journey to shoot for the moon.

I’ve lost track of what day this is for my subbing. But, on this day, I was requested to sub for the long-term SPED sub at David’s school that I subbed for on Day 2. This was great! She wanted me to come back! I was so excited!

I was asked to call the long-term sub and we spoke on the phone just before Fall Break. I would be subbing on the first day back. The only thing I had to prepare for was teaching Language Arts 8. She had the kids starting a new book, I Am The Cheese. Since I had never read the book, I got a copy and read it over the weekend. It is a very strange book.

3rd period I was helping in 8th grade math. Some of the students in Language Arts 8 were also in that class and they smiled and were happy that I was there subbing. It was great to feel so appreciated.

The day was fairly quiet. When Language Arts 8 came around, I heard the kids as they came into the classroom – “I love this sub!” Just what I wanted to hear! I taught them about The Farmer in The Dell – which they didn’t know and is an important part of the book. I told them how we would play it when I was in preschool – and they wanted to play. So we did. I thought that it was a bit silly, but they wanted to play a second time (and I let them). Then they got to work.

One of the vocabulary words we were working on was obliterate. I was explaining the definition and one of the boys said, “Like in Call of Duty. You obliterate the enemy.” I told him that he was right. The boys were then paying attention and asked if I had an X-Box (I do) and if I played Call of Duty (I don’t). I explained that I had sons and that they played. But they were quite impressed that I knew the game.

We got through the first chapter of the book. And although the kids wanted me to read more, we ran out of time. The 2 girls from Language Arts 8 then went off to choir (where David is an aid).

David reported that as soon as he opened the door, the girls were yelling at him. They said that they had me as their sub, that I was awesome and they loved me.

I considered it a productive day – the kids learned and they liked me even though I made them work. It is pretty nice to have my own little fan club at the middle school!


Comments on: "Adventures in Substitute Teaching – The Crowd Goes Wild" (1)

  1. Congratulations, sounds as if things are looking up. Blessings!


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