My journey to shoot for the moon.

I should have posted this much sooner, but as there wasn’t much to report, I fell behind.

Chris’ cancer is stable. Nothing was showing on the scan that they didn’t expect. The clinical trial drug is still working. So, the cancer hasn’t spread, yet.

This is what I find so difficult about his cancer: we wait and wait and nothing changes. That isn’t the bad part, it is the knowing that something will change, at some point, for the worse. At that time, we will have to manage the crisis. But until then, we just keep on keeping on.

So, here is what we know – the tumor isn’t shrinking. It is still there. But, for now, it isn’t growing. This is good. The fact that it hasn’t shrunk in a long, long time leads me to the conclusion that it isn’t going away. Not that I ever really thought that it would, but I held out hope that it would.

Cancer is a tricky thing. When it figures out how to outsmart the drugs, anything can happen. The doctor told us that they are now doing clinical trials for second and third generation drugs to fight Chris’ specific type of lung cancer. This is a good thing.

The next scan is in December.


Comments on: "Chris’ Cancer – Update October, 2011" (3)

  1. My prayers are with you that the trials will produce a new drug for Chris.


  2. Ruth Ann Hladish said:

    My thoughts and prayers go right with Maxi. So glad you have some wonderful happy news to report and we hope and pray that success and love will prevail over all else, even something as nasty and evasive as cancer. Love to the whole family.


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