My journey to shoot for the moon.

Day 10

Subbing for a SPED High School teacher doesn’t seem that different from subbing for a SPED Middle School teacher.  There isn’t tons to do.

This High School is an IB (International Baccalaureate) school.  Not that, that means anything.  I didn’t see students much while at the high school.

First period was called Huskie Hour.  It was from 7:45 am to 8:45 am and it is a time of optional attendance.  Students are able to meet with teachers to make up work or get extra help during this time.  I was supposed to have had one student come by – he didn’t show up.

Next period was planning.  It went until 10:26 am.  Nothing to do.

The next period was called Connect and it went until 11:01.  This is supposed to be a time when kids can “connect” with others to meet their social-emotional needs.  It is mandatory.  And the notes from the teacher I was subbing for said that they could talk, use their cell phones and ipods during this time.  So much for connecting with others!

Next was my lunch – until 11:43.

Then came 5th period (11:43 am – 1:18 pm).  This was Resource.  Resource was a lot like Applied Academics at the Middle School.  Kids were supposed to be working on homework.  They were really good for me so, according to the classroom teacher, I let them watch part of a movie.

Then there was the last period of the day.  Usually the teacher I was subbing for co-taught a Social Studies class.  But today they had a Sub and a Student Teacher, so they weren’t going to need me.  So I got to cover for a teacher who was going to have to leave early for a track meet.  This class was Creative Writing and the regular teacher got the kids started, checked their homework and then left for the track meet.  Nothing to do there except monitor the kids.

Although there was one really good thing that happened today.  There is a teaching position posted for SPED at this school (starting in January).  One of the teachers is retiring and they need someone with a SPED license and that is Highly Qualified in English/Language Arts.  While I do not have the Highly Qualified on my license, I would be HQ because of my Bachelor’s in English.  After having lunch with the retiring teacher and several of the other SPED teachers (they were great and invited me), I went back to my classroom.  Soon after that, the Administrator who is the contact person for the position, came by to meet me.  This was the first Administrator that came by to see me since I’ve been subbing.  Anyway, he heard I was interested, wanted to meet me and tell me about their timetable and their process.  The position closes during break, and they won’t be looking at applications until they get back (Oct. 24 is the first day back).  Then the team will be reviewing the applications and setting up interviews.

The other great thing was that the Creative Writing teacher who I was covering for during the last period of the day is the teacher that I would be team teaching with, if I got the job.  I let him know that I applied and gave him a sticker with my name and such.

I’m afraid to even hope that something good will come of all this, but it does reinforce my belief that when people had a chance to meet me and see me in the classroom, they would realize that teaching is my calling.  And this, should lead to a job.


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  1. Whaaaat! Kids can talk, use cell phones and ipods … sounds like Disconnect.


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