My journey to shoot for the moon.


My boys have never liked Spaghetti-Os.  Not as babies, toddlers or small children and they certainly don’t like them now.  They don’t like any of the canned pasta that I ate regularly as a kid.  I don’t know if they have been spoiled by home cooking or what, but they don’t like them and won’t eat them.  They don’t like most soup either.  I don’t understand their eating habits or their likes and dislikes.  They never ate food of all one color, even though that is considered “normal” for most toddlers.  They’ve never complained about food touching on their plates.  And they’ve never had a problem with things mixed together.  They don’t like most vegetables, but they will pick them out of whatever they are eating.  They generally don’t eat cereal.  What kid doesn’t eat cereal?!?

There are some things that Michael won’t eat because of the way they look, but I can’t predict those things.

The boys also really like some things that I find odd.  They will eat shrimp and most fish and have seconds.  They LOVE Salisbury Steak (only homemade though) and meatloaf especially if I make them with mashed potatoes.  They like fried calamari and okra.  David likes kugel that I make when our tummies are upset (Michael doesn’t).  They like Caesar Salad (but not tomatoes) and like salsa and pasta sauce (Michael prefers it with meat).  Both of them can eat amazing portions of steak and BBQ ribs.  And both of them like spicy food – David more so than Michael, but both of them enjoy having their mouths on fire.

But not Spaghetti-Os.

I like Spaghetti-Os.  I could eat them here or there, I could eat them anywhere!  I do so like them Sam-I-Am.  Ok, Spaghetti-Os doesn’t rhyme with Sam-I-Am.  The point is that I like them.  Honestly, I don’t think that I am their target market, but recently I’ve seen them in the store and HAD to have them.  So I bought them.

The first time I bought 2 cans.  But I mistakenly got the ones without the meatballs.  I ate them, but it just isn’t the same.  The next time I got one can with meatballs.  I should have bought more.  On my last trip to the store, I bought two cans.  It is a lot of Spaghetti-Os for one adult, but there is something about them that I can’t resist.

I had a can today.  Yes, I ate the whole can.  And it was not quite as satisfying as I expected.  I don’t know if that is because I didn’t get enough, or if I am losing my cravings.  I guess I’ll have to eat another can to find out.

But tonight for dinner I made Pasta Sauce with Meat.  It has been cooking all afternoon and smells amazing.  Garlic, oregano and onions are perhaps why Spaghetti-Os are no longer appealing.  Good thing that the can I haven’t eaten can wait in the cabinet for a while.  Spaghetti-Os are good like that.

(Be on the look-out for an update on Chris either later today or tomorrow.)


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