My journey to shoot for the moon.

This was a day that I had been requested to sub by one of  the Mild/Moderate Teachers at David’s school.  And this day, I was going to meet the rest of David’s teachers, as I would be working with David’s team (the kids are divided into 4 teams per grade and they have classes with only their team – the teachers are assigned to teams as well – so everyone in David’s team has the same “core” teachers (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies).

This was my first “request” to sub.  I was so excited that she wanted me to come in for her!  However, it was another CRAZY day.  First, it was a Monday.  And there had been no school on Friday.  Then it was a weird schedule day – which the teacher I was subbing for didn’t know (she was out of town for a wedding and I think left on Thursday or Friday, so she wasn’t in for the Professional Development Day on Friday).  Next, because of the weird schedule, all the class periods were shortened.  But, the two teams that this teacher worked with, didn’t have the same schedule.  Ugh!

Also, since each SPED teacher worked with their own teams, the other SPED teachers had no clue what the schedule was for the two teams I was responsible for.  One of the teachers, who had the schedule, was on a flight back into Colorado when I arrived at school.  No one could tell me what the schedule was.  It made me quite anxious.  I knew where all the classrooms were (David walked me through my schedule before we knew it was a crazy schedule day), but I didn’t know when I was supposed to be there.  Eventually, it all got worked out.

My “teaching time” was very much like the other day I subbed at David’s school – I assisted in 2 Math classes and 1 Language Arts class, I taught 1 Language Arts class (there were 4 kids in this class) and had Applied Academics (study hall).  The Language Arts teacher didn’t need me, so that was one class I didn’t have.  Then there were 2 planning periods. . . it wasn’t a hard day, but it was a long one.

Planning was at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.  Since they didn’t need me to fill in anywhere, I got to leave early and still got paid for the entire day.  I taught about homonyms and worked on keeping kids on-task.  It was another great group, although I didn’t connect with them – maybe because of the crazy schedule.

Since it was a Monday, David had Jazz Band and didn’t need to get picked up until 4.  Michael was on Fall Break (he gets 2 weeks and David gets 1) and was with the Grandparents in our complex.  Michael went shopping with me after I finished (I bribed him with Starbucks) and we had a good time.  Then we went to get David.

I think that subbing is working well – I’m having a good time, my stress level is minimal and I’m getting to teach (some).


Comments on: "Adventures in Substitute Teaching – Day 9" (1)

  1. Whew! Sounds confusing and stressful


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