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Marching Band Day and Night

David plays the tenor saxophone and is in the Middle School Concert Band and the Jazz Band.  Michael has just started playing the flute.  I’m not certain that he is going to continue,  but currently he is in band.  A couple of times each year, the high school invites the middle school and elementary school band members to band events at the High School.  These events usually include the high school kids performing and then spending time working with the younger kids.  At the end of September, they had Marching Band Day and Marching Band Night.

The elementary school and middle school kids were invited to attend Marching Band Day.  They got to go to the high school, watch the Marching Band perform.  After the performance, the high school kids worked with the younger kids.  Apparently, Michael was in high demand by the high school flute players (who were all girls) because he was the only boy who played flute.  They also though he was pretty cute.  Of course, Michael didn’t tell me about this, David did.  At the end of the morning, the high school kids treated the elementary and middle school kids to a hot dog lunch.

Marching Band Night was a couple of days later and what it includes is the middle school kids attending the high school football game and sitting with the band in the stands.  The middle school kids get to play with the band during the football game.  And then the Band Boosters treat all of the kids to hot dogs for dinner.

Last year David attended Marching Band Night and had a good time.  He wanted me to stay and I did (Michael came with me and had a friend with him).  This year, I volunteered to chaperone (I figured I would be staying anyway, so I might as well help out).  Michael came too and watched the game.  Michael really enjoys football and wants to play (I won’t let him).  It was a great game and it went into overtime (although our high school lost).  David had another great night with the band.  He has no interest in playing in the Marching Band in high school, although he plans to continue playing in Concert Band.  It was, however, a beautiful night to be out watching a football game.

A beautiful night

The Middle School Kids

For the most part, chaperoning was easy.  Mostly, it involved walking groups of kids to the bathroom and walking them back.  I headed over to yell at one group of kids for running around, but the band director got there at the same time as I did.  So I let him yell at them.  The kids were pretty involved in playing and didn’t have much time for anything else.

However, there was one group of girls that was driving me crazy.  They didn’t bring their instruments and therefore, they were bored.  One of the girls had her mom there and she kept wandering off.  Supposedly, her mom knew where she was.  But then other girls wandered off with her.  They were hard to keep track of.  Finally, I told the band director because I was tired of having to babysit her (and she told me several times – “my mom said it was ok.”).  This was a voluntary trip and not an official field trip, so . . .

Band kids - David is in the black shirt, standing up on the left.

If Michael stops playing the flute, this will have been my last high school Marching Band Night.  David is adamant that he doesn’t want to march, although he would happily play in the “pep” band if there was that choice (but the marching band is the pep band).  Anyway, this makes me sad.  I can’t vicariously relive my high school days through the boys and that is ok (I wouldn’t want to), but I would have liked to see them being involved at football games, even if I won’t let them play.



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  1. Sounds as if David and Michael want to go beyond playing in a marching band.


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