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Writing When Happy

A fellow blogger (thanks Maxi) recently posted some thoughts on writing.  She discovered some research that said that writing is easier when we aren’t happy.

I have a few thoughts on the matter, so I thought that I would blog about those thoughts rather than fill up her comment section.  You can read her blog, titled, Is it Harder to Write When Happy.

Many teenagers and young adults write poetry.  Is it because these years are tumultuous?  Do teenagers and young adults feel things more deeply?  Or do they think that they are the first ones to feel the way that they do?  Are writing and hormone levels related somehow?  Is that why I stopped writing poetry when I met and married Chris?  Or was it because I was happy and didn’t have as much to share?

Now, in my early 40’s I’ve started writing again.  Not poetry, but blogging.  Writing for me (not school work which I’ve done on and off for my entire life).  I’m not particularly sad (although there are some very sad things in my life), and not particularly happy.  Is the sadness the reason that I’ve started writing again?

I would claim no.  For example, I’ve written on different topics for the last 3 hours and I don’t feel sad.  Most of my writing over the last 3 hours  hasn’t been about the difficulties in my life.  Some of the writing has been about my daily experiences.  Some of it has been funny and some of it has been fairly mundane, but none of it sad.  And like I said, I’ve been writing for 3 hours.

Are my hormones going crazy?  I don’t think that is it either.  I think that good writers are inspired by events that are occurring around them and they go with it.  You can have writer’s block when you are sad and when you are happy.  I think that depending on your writing style you can find a lot to write about.  I don’t ever seem to be at a loss for a topic.  If I was, I would only have to turn on the TV or look on the web and I am sure that I would find a large number of topics.  Sometimes I read something in the newspaper, or on a news website that makes me angry or touches me and I feel inspired to write about it.  Sometimes it is the things that are happening in my life and sometimes what I write about is totally unrelated to anything.

Writing is a skill and it needs to be learned and practiced.  Some of us are born having good composition skills.  Some of us have to work very hard to write a paragraph that will be understood.  I think that those of us who have been born with this gift find that writing needs to be shared and that the amount of people that we can reach with the internet has made writing more fulfilling.  Personally, I am happier when people are reading what I write and commenting on it.  But, I would continue blogging even if no one were reading because it is an outlet for my creativity, emotions and my opinions.  It is my online diary – containing parts of myself that I don’t mind sharing with the world.  It is a place where I can laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously – which is something I need to do more frequently.

What do you think?


Comments on: "Writing When Happy" (9)

  1. Thank you for the attention to my post Robin. You are fortunate at being able to write no matter your mood.

    I wonder what the stats would be on who writes most when happy/sad?


    • Maxi –
      I love your blog. It is so different from mine and that is the beauty of blogging – personal style comes through!

      I wonder about the stats of writing happy/sad too.


  2. Hello! I came across this blog in the writing section! I think that writing can be affected by mood, but I like to write however I’m feeling! It all depends writing upon what you’re actually writing.

    So for example, if you’re going to write a rant about something, writing it in the heat of that moment makes for a more passionate piece. I normally write when I feel inspired, so this can be at any mood. I do normally write more when I’m a bit more upbeat otherwise people might not want to read it!

    Happy blogging! 🙂


    • Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment!

      I think that you are right in that it can depend on what you are writing. Yesterday when I was “seeing red” I wrote about a controversial subject. I think that it was a “spirited” piece. However, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get my point mixed up with the side topic. And there is a fine line.

      Last week I subbed in a high school creative writing class – the kids were supposed to be writing in their comp books almost daily. I guess the idea is that if they get used to writing (a habit) and also get used to not using a lot of what you write. It is also important to realize that you may need to spend lots of time editing. And then there is the piece that just flows. . .

      I took 3 creative writing courses as an undergrad (more than 20 years ago) and I think that people who want to write and have things that they want to say, will become writers. There are so many outlets for writing that didn’t exist 20 years ago!


      • You’re very welcome Robin! As a fellow writer, I appreciate how much time and effort goes into our blogs, so it’s always nice to receive feedback.

        I think that maybe if you write while angry or on a subject where you’re not sure how it will be received, it might be good to write it out then save it as a draft for a while. If you can go back to it and still want to publish, then go for it! However, just the writing out could be enough to vent about what you want to vent about, then you can just do away with it.
        Oh, that does sound interesting and a very good idea. Writing is a skill that you have to hone and the best way to do this is to practice and practice more! Yes, I also agree that editing is very important. Usually I will write something out rough once, then go back and edit a couple of times to work out the kinks.

        Well, I have never taken any writing courses, but did do a degree in English and Journalism which helped with technique I think. That’s why I love writing, anyone can do it! I don’t think there is such a good thing as a ‘bad writer’ or ‘good writer’, because it’s all subjective. 🙂


      • Writing is subjective! Absolutely. Editing is something that I find I don’t do much of anymore – but I will often have a number of postings sitting in draft form. If I wanted to be an excellent writer, I would need to edit. Since I am not striving for excellence in my blog, but sharing my experiences, this is ok with me. Sometimes when I go back and read what I’ve posted and find an error – and it is alright. I fix it then and don’t stress about it. I am blogging for fun (mostly). At some point, I expect, I will try to write something more “professional” and then I am certain to edit, edit, edit.


      • Well that’s great! I definitely agree with all of those. I think especially with a personal blog, editing isn’t quite as important. However, if you are opting for the more professional option, like you say, then editing and redrafting is key.
        Happy blogging! 🙂


  3. Perhaps we write poetry (or other personal writing) more when we are sad because we are more distracted by happy events, and more inclined to process our feelings in some way shape or form.


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