My journey to shoot for the moon.

Adult Company

I recently met my friend Erica for lunch.  Erica and I met at the school I worked at last year.  Both of us were new for the school year, we were both Educational Assistants and both of us were RIF (reduction in force) for this school year.  Erica found a job at the school Michael would go to if he wasn’t open enrolled at a different school.

Erica and I used to have lunch together once a week.  I miss that.  So, getting to have lunch with her was great!  We talked about our boys (she has 3) and work/interviews.  It made me realize how much I miss adult conversation during the day.

I do talk with my mom almost every day, but looking someone in the eye, watching their body language and seeing their expressions is the part that I miss.  Because I am hearing impaired, I rely on these cues.  That isn’t to say that I don’t hear what the other person is saying, with my hearing aides I usually do.  But, there is just so much more to a conversation than just listening to the words.  And I often miss the nuances when I am on the phone because I cannot see the person.

Spending my time alone has been good too.  I’ve gotten a number of projects finished and I’ve had a chance to re-charge.

Monday I started Substitute Teaching.  I am very happy to be working again.  It is nice to spend the day doing something that I love.  On Monday, I substituted at a magnet school for a Mild/Moderate SPED teacher.  It was a good day and I had some fun.  The people were nice and I actually knew 2 of the teachers.  It was a long day and from 8-10am seemed to take forever.  The rest of the day went by fairly quickly.

Tuesday, I subbed at David’s school (middle school) – also for a Mild/Moderate Teacher.  I had a great time.  Besides having to be there at 7 am, it was wonderful.  I have decided that I LOVE middle school.

Today and tomorrow I will be subbing in Early Childhood Education as a SPED teacher.  It should be interesting, as I have never done this before and the classrooms are integrated.  There will be a regular ed teacher.  I am sure that I will be quite tired by the end of the day.  And then I have to go back and do it again the next day.

Friday I sub at another Elementary School as a Mild/Moderate SPED teacher.

It is keeping me busy and providing lots of adult company, just not the same adults day after day.  David’s school has me scheduled for a day in October and I am hoping that they ask me to come in for some long term sub positions (more than 10 days).  It would be wonderful to be in the same place for more than a day or two.  Mostly, I am having fun.  Look for the story about my day at David’s school – I should have something posted by early next week.


Comments on: "Adult Company" (3)

  1. So glad to find that you were able to have lunch with friend Erica, that you know two teachers, most of all that people are nice.

    Blessings – Maxi


  2. Love your name- land among the stars!! I am a retired EbD teacher, now university teacher. I loved/love it.

    Ebd Kids were always my favorites.
    Here’s a place for you to find some hope when you need it.
    Peace be withyou
    The Miracle Watcher


    • Thanks for reading Mike! If you take a look at my blog page – this is blog is about my journey to shoot for the moon – and if I miss, at least I’ll land among the stars. 🙂 I love this quote, although I couldn’t find the original author (anonymous). Anyway, it seemed to fit my life. Although, I could have titled it Lost in Space and that would have fit too!


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