My journey to shoot for the moon.

Michael and Micah feeding the giraffes.

After we finished at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We got there right about 11 am and after we got the map, the boys and I sat down to figure out what we HAD to see at the zoo, so we could make sure that we did.

This is how I usually do museums, etc. with the boys because we have, in the past, run out of time and missed stuff that they really wanted to see and spent time seeing things they didn’t care about.

At the giraffe area

The first thing the boys wanted to do was feed the giraffes. So we headed to the giraffe area.  Last year when we went to the zoo with my friend Kathy, the giraffes were eating “cookies.”  This year it seems to be lettuce.  There was a sign that said that the giraffes were going “green.”  Honestly, the lettuce was over-priced at $2 per bunch, but the boys had fun.  So it was worth it.

Michael feeding a giraffe.

After visiting the giraffes, the boys decided that they wanted to go on the Mountaineer Sky Ride.  Before we went to the zoo, I looked up the rules for the sky ride.  You could ride 4 at a time and 1 rider had to be 12 or older.    So, the boys could ride with either David or me.  They decided that they would ride with David, so I got to ride alone (which was fine – it was quiet and relaxing).

The boys riding the Sky Ride up the mountain. I just loved that I could see their heads and their feet.

At the top of the Sky Ride is a climbing wall and not much else.  The boys went to the climbing wall area and David and I sat on a bench.  The thing about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, is that it is on the mountain.  So, to walk around the zoo, you are constantly either hiking up or hiking down.  It is beautiful, but on an 80°+ day, it was tiring.

The view going up on the Sky Ride to my right.

The view from the Sky Ride is amazing.  It is about a 5 minute ride.

The one and only time I had to say something to the boys was when they were in the climbing wall area and they were throwing rocks.  When I asked them to stop, they did.  That was all the “discipline” I had to impose during our entire day.

Going down on the Sky Ride to me is scarier than going up because you can see the whole way down and it is a long way.  Michael and Micah rode with me on the way down and Sean rode with David.  Michael and Micah were fine, but nervous.

After the Sky Ride, we had lunch.  We were all starving and everyone had pizza except for David (who had hot wings).  The slices were huge, but we were all still hungry after the pizza, so we had ice cream.  Sean got a brownie that was bigger than a sandwich and ended up taking much of it home.

After lunch we wandered around the zoo.  The boys were navigating using the zoo map and we only headed in the wrong direction a few times.  We saw penguins, hippopotami, a tiger, naked mole rats, kimono dragons, snakes, monkeys, otters, mountain lions, wallaby, and quite a few other animals.  Before we knew it, it was just about time to head back.  Micah talked Michael and Sean into riding the carousel before we left.   The carousel went pretty fast and I was surprised.  I was also surprised that the boys wanted to ride (I thought that they were too old for the carousel).  But I am glad they did.


Sunday’s paper had an article about Carousels and the one at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was one of the notable carousels in Colorado.

In all, it was a great trip.  I hope that the boys learned a lot and I know that they had a good time.  They ate a ton of snacks during the ride back to Parker.  When Micah’s mom and Sean’s mom picked them up, they both started talking non-stop about the day.

Michael on the Carousel


Comments on: "Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Road Trip Part 2" (5)

  1. Love the scenery. From cookies to lettuce, if only giraffes could talk.

    No discipline, great kids.


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