My journey to shoot for the moon.

The boys were awesome. Michael and his two classmates, Sean and Micah, sat in the back of the van. David sat in the front seat. For the whole ride, the boys talked, laughed and listened to music. It was great.

We left Parker, Colorado at about 8:35 am and arrived at the Cliff Dwellings in Colorado Springs at about 9:45 am.  It wasn’t a bad drive and it was pretty.  It is still amazing to me that the mountains are here!  Growing up in Illinois, I am used to boring flat land.  I love looking at the mountains and could spend days doing nothing but meditate on the mountains.  But this isn’t about the mountains, it is about the boys, our road trip, and their school project.

When we arrived at the Cliff Dwellings, there was a school group at the beginning. So we started at the end.  If you look in the picture all the way to the left, that is where we started.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings - Full View

The boys took turns climbing the ladder and going inside the first section.The first section we explored.  The platform that the ladder leads up to is only safe for 2 people at a time.  There was also a ladder inside the dwelling and the boys spent a lot of time exploring and climbing.  Michael was in charge of our “old” camera and I had the “new” camera.  He took some pictures inside the dwelling (at this point), but they didn’t turn out.

Michael standing on the platform.

When the boys finished this section, we moved on.  The next section was the middle area in the picture of the entire site.

At some point, we ran into the school group and the boys decided that it was time to go to the museum and gift shop and come back to the Dwellings after a while.  They really spent a long time exploring the gift shop.  I got two books.  One on the Anasazi and the other on the Dwellings.  The boys picked out a postcard for their teacher, as well.

The view looking out from the Cliff Dwellings.

They will use the books when they work on their project (hopefully).  They are doing a timeline and also a tri-fold poster on the cliff dwellings.

Since, all the individual pictures got mixed up in my head, I’m going to stop writing and post the pictures.  Enjoy!  (And look for Part 2 in the next couple of days on the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.)

Grinding stones

Corn Silo and Nine Room House


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