My journey to shoot for the moon.

Why is it that I can’t draw a straight line, even with a ruler?  I think that for me to be able to draw a straight line I would need a perfectly square piece of paper and a T-square.

Did you know that funner is a word?  Apparently, it was added to the dictionary.  It sounds uneducated to me and I don’t think I will ever use the word “funner.”

How come David’s Language Arts teacher knew that the word “funner” was in the dictionary?  And what adult would use that word?

Why is it that no one can fall asleep on Sunday night?  Especially since all of us need to get up Monday morning.  Or if it is a three-day weekend, no one can fall asleep on Monday night?

How come when I buy fruit, no one finishes it, it goes bad and I end up throwing it out?  Of course, it seems that after I throw it out, someone is looking for it.  Why didn’t they eat it while it was still good?

Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10 and the buns come in packages of 8?

Why is it when someone in my house likes a type of bun, someone else doesn’t like it?

Why do I keep buying pork roasts when no one seems to like how I make it?  I’ve tried cooking it a number of different ways, and no one cares for it.  So why do I keep buying it?

Why is it that the easiest meals to make are the ones my kids won’t eat?

Why do the TV shows I actually watch get canceled?  Every time I like a series, it gets canceled.

Did you know that if you leave a plastic container of roasted corn nuts on the stove and turn on the wrong burner, the plastic will catch on fire.  Once on fire, plastic burns and burns.  Dousing the stove with water is one way to put out the plastic fire.  Kitchen towels will catch on fire if used to try to put out a fire.

The smoke and smell from burning plastic is icky.

The smoke detectors didn’t detect the smoke from the plastic fire.  I wonder why that is and if it should scare me.

A bread machine can gain momentum when kneading dough.  When a bread machine gains momentum, there is nothing to stop it from moving off the counter.  When a bread machine hits the floor, it makes a really loud sound.  When the cover is torn off the bread machine from the impact, the bread machine cannot be repaired.

New bread machines are expensive.

A stand mixer can also gain momentum when left unattended.  Even if it is unattended for 30 seconds.  It also has nothing to stop it from hitting the floor.  When it does, the glass mixing bowl will shatter and leave divots in the tile.  After hitting the floor, a stand mixer is broken beyond repair.

Stand mixers are expensive.

Small appliances don’t have a long lifespan in the James house.  Why don’t small appliances clamp themselves to the counter?  That way they would stay put.  Maybe I should patent that idea.  Do you think anyone would buy an appliance that would clamp to the counter?  Maybe this is my million dollar idea. Maybe this is MY moment to create a new appliance thingie.  Maybe, someone will buy my idea and I’ll be rich.

Nah, I just shared my idea with the 26 people who read my blog.

Taking Chem/Phys in High School didn’t help me understand Newton’s Laws of Motion.  I wonder if this is why I got C’s and D’s in Chem/Phys.

Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?  It is mine and therefore I can do with it what I want.  Nothing is better than cake.  Ok, well maybe cheesecake or chocolate cake with ice cream. Or pie – Chocolate Silk Pie.   Actually, I can think of a lot of things that are better than cake.  But cake is good.  It is even better is someone else makes it.  So I won’t complain if I can have cake and what else would I do with it if I didn’t eat it?

And why did the expression “dumb as a door nail” pop into my mind when I was thinking about cake?  What is a door nail anyway?

I wonder why only 26 people read my blog (a BIG THANKS to you!).

If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, why does my dog walk on the sidewalk to get to the other side of the grass so she can do her business?  Why do I still remember that this concept was explained in A Wrinkle in Time?

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle was one of my favorite books.  I read all the books in the series (did you know that there was a series?).  Why haven’t either of my boys read the book?  Why didn’t they like it?  What is wrong with it?

Why do I have songs running through my head over and over again?  Why can’t I get them to stop?  Why does this happen?  Do you know if anyone has gone insane from songs continuously looping in their head?  Maybe I will be the first.

We had Chinese food for dinner tonight.  Why am I hungry three hours after eating Chinese food?

Why is it that the apartment can be clean, but then I cook dinner and somehow everything explodes and I have a huge mess to clean up?

Does it seem that I am overly concerned about laundry and dishes?   I am beginning to hate dishes and laundry.   They are never-ending and time-consuming.


Comments on: "More Musings From This Unemployed Teacher Turned Stay-At-Home Mom" (4)

  1. Today the dictionary adds words to please the people instead of what is correct.

    There is now two spellings for many words; the correct spelling and the one people like to use.

    Example: ain’t Is there such a word? Try it. “Is not” doesn’t have an a, “am not” doesn’t have an i, etc. Use the word in any context and it doesn’t work.

    Sooo, being in the dictionary doesn’t mean it’s really a word.

    How sad.


    • This is so true. And unfortunate. When David and I were talking about the word “funner” he said that it sounded stupid to him and he wouldn’t use it. I hope that is true. The other word(s) brought up in our conversation (Chris and Michael were there too) was “your” and “you’re.” Apparently misusing these two words is so rampant that there is a movement to use one for both. Your – meaning belonging to you. You’re – the contraction used for you are. I’m not sure how these became so difficult to understand and distinguish. The “dumbing down” of our language is disheartening. I wonder what Chaucer and Shakespeare would say?


  2. I loved a Wrinkle in Time and made Timmy read it. I should have Ryan read it. I have the same issue with fruit. Don’t even ask me how many bananas I have thrown away this summer. Banana bread is a running joke between me and Jean because I never seem to make it. I love frozen bananas (dipped in chocolate). Why do the grocery stores always hide the caramel circles for caramel apples and the chocolate dip for bananas so I can’t find them and really enjoy fruit? I am supposed to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies for Weight Watchers each day. Since I started I just feel blah, I read last night eating fruit in the morning makes you feel bloated all day long. WHY?? Maybe it’s time to go back to slicing a banana and putting it on top of cheerios or corn flakes. That just doesn’t sound funner to me that eating cocoa krispies. FUNNER? really?

    I’d be thrilled if I thought 26 people read anything that I wrote. I feel like I have alot to say and the entirely wrong audience to hear it.


    • Thanks for your comments Jessica. I use bananas to make smoothies on a regular basis. They provide the “smooth” texture. 🙂 As for why eating fruit and vegetables makes you feel blah, perhaps you are trying to add too much fiber to your diet at one time. But those are great “Musings”!


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