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“Teacher Stuff”


The other day I went to Michael’s to get a new shelf for my scrapbooking corner.  Since I’m unemployed, I’ve been trying to avoid going places where they have “teacher stuff.”  It is so hard for me not to buy teaching stuff when I see it, it looks good and on clearance.  Michael’s had the cutest Dr. Seuss stuff on clearance.  But I resisted.  I didn’t buy a single thing.

When I was working on my Master’s, if I saw good teaching stuff, I would buy it.  I have boxes upon boxes in the garage of teaching stuff.  Since I am licensed to teach special ed kids ages 5-21, I never knew what I would need.  A 5-year-old may be on a preschool level, while a 21-year-old would need to be doing life skills work, so the variation of stuff is quite large.  Most likely, I will have either K-6, 7-8, high school or beyond and won’t have to deal with kids that span the age range.

I love teacher stuff.  I cannot wait until I get a job so that I can start using all the stuff I have gathered!  I love looking at all the cheap options for teachers at Dollar Tree, Target’s $1 Section and Michael’s.  But, I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any teaching stuff until I got a job.

Except what I needed to homeschool David in Social Studies.  For that, I bought 2 teaching books and the assessment guide for the textbook series I bought him.  I also bought him a few non-fiction books that I found at Salvation Army (and I had a number of things in my boxes of “teacher’s stuff.”  Because, whenever there has been “free” stuff in the Teacher’s Lounge, I have gone through it and taken what I think that I would use (and last year there was a bunch of Revolution and Civil War stuff).

As a temporary homemaker, I hope to get into the storage area and go through all my “teacher stuff” and organize and list what I have (and where it is).

I am curious if any current (or former) teachers are as attracted to “teacher stuff” as I am.  The bulletin board stuff, the die cuts, grade books, name plates, you know the stuff I’m talking about.  Let me know what you think!


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  1. ALWAYS attracted to “teacher stuff”!! Always have been, since my own kids were small. Now I have all those K and Pre-K materials out in the garage I need to pare down someday soon. This, and being moved so often, prevents me from buying much… although my classroom store gives me a small outlet for that. 🙂


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