My journey to shoot for the moon.

Why is it that my dog is the one that finds the random tumbleweed and gets it stuck under her?

Why are stove burner plate things so hard to clean?  What are they called anyway?  And why don’t I know? pillow wrestling an Olympic sport?  If it isn’t, it should be.  If it is, where can Michael try out?  He talks about his wrestling “matches” and expends a ton of energy in the pursuit of a “win.”

How come cheap pencils tend to break when sharpened?  It can’t be that expensive to make cheap pencils and they should work, shouldn’t they?

Why, when I ask the boys to find things (toys) in their room to get rid of, they can’t find anything?  But why is it when I say that I’m going to go find things from their room to get rid of, they are ok with me doing it?  Shouldn’t they be able to purge their own things?

Isn’t it wonderful that Goodwill is next to Dollar Tree?  I can drop off bags and bags of stuff and then go buy more stuff.

Since I scheduled my doctor’s appointment for after dropping Michael off at school, it would figure that, that would be the day they scheduled choir rehearsal before school so he would need to be dropped off an hour early.

An hour is long enough to get Starbucks.  And go to drop things off at Goodwill.  Or go to Dollar Tree.   But an hour is not enough time to do all three.  At least not in my world.

Why does my son tell me at 6:10 am that he doesn’t have any shorts to wear?  He has to leave at 7 am.

How come, when I finally get things together and feel somewhat organized, something explodes?  I don’t mean literally explodes (although in my household, it could happen), I mean that all of a sudden there is not enough time to do all the things that need to be done and things get added to the MUST BE DONE list at an alarming rate? is Thursday.  I put the roast in the refrigerator on Monday to defrost, so I could throw it in the crockpot on Wednesday and have an easy dinner.  Why isn’t the roast defrosted yet?  In fact, it doesn’t seem to have defrosted any.  It is still frozen solid.  I put it in the crockpot anyway and will cook it on high for part of the day and then reduce the heat.  Aren’t I lucky that I only have a zillion things to do today and now get to remember to lower the heat on the crockpot too?

Why can’t I leave well-enough alone?

Walking Ikea in high heel shoes is a bad idea, especially when you only wear high heel shoes every once in a while.  Why did I have to find out the hard way?

Why are simple things never simple?

Can you ever have too much chocolate?

Why do they call moms that don’t work outside the home, stay-at-home moms?  That is the last thing that I do, stay at home!  I now get to carpool, run forgotten things to school, and try to get all the appointments we need to fit in, done.  Add to that the normal cooking, cleaning, laundry and other things and I’m not “staying” anywhere.  I’m constantly in motion and there still aren’t enough hours in the day.  I think that moms who don’t work outside the home should be called – insane!  What I wouldn’t give to go to work to escape the chaos of staying home!

How did I manage everything when I was working?  I guess I didn’t clean as much and our place was much less organized (which isn’t saying much because every time I start a project, I get side-tracked and it takes days to finish it).  And why is it that housework expands as you have more time to do it?


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