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Writing my last blog set my mind wondering about Lipstick.  Yes, I realize that it is a strange thing to wonder about, but I really couldn’t help it.  After writing about my grandmother and my great-aunts and how they had their nails, hair and make-up just so, I couldn’t help but think about lipstick.

My grandmother and my aunts never, ever went anywhere without their lipstick.  When they kissed me, I had lipstick on my cheeks.  I had lipstick on my forehead and my nose.  I had lipstick everywhere.  And I hated it.  I could never understand, as a kid, why they had to wear lipstick.  I’m not totally sure I get it now.

My mother-in-law, Kay, is also a lipstick wearer.  She wears it most of the time.  In fact, I am not certain that I’ve ever seen her without it (or makeup) – except when she’s been in pajamas.  Thinking about it, Chris’ grandmother (Grandma Bohn, Kay’s mom) wore lipstick every day too.  She wore makeup whenever she was seeing us.

My mom, on the other hand, is an occasional lipstick wearer.  She would wear it when she went to work.  But my mom doesn’t wear makeup every day.  My dad has never liked lipstick, so when my mom was wearing makeup, she didn’t always wear lipstick.  I got into the habit of not wearing it when I was a teenager as my dad always commented on it.  His comments weren’t usually positive. of lipstick, I would often wear lip gloss or lip moisturizer.  Usually, it was clear.  Sometimes it had a “hint” of color.  And after we moved to Colorado, I found that I really needed the moisture on my lips or they would crack.  I have about 15 sticks of moisturizer.  I have one or two in my purse, in the bathroom, on my night-table, in the kitchen, in my pocket and by my computer.  The only place I don’t really keep them is in the car (they melt).  I’ll wear gloss even when I’m not wearing make up.  And I don’t wear makeup every day.  If I’m just running about my normal day, which since I’m unemployed is usually driving the boys somewhere and maybe going to the store, I won’t bother to put any on.  If I’m going out, then usually I wear makeup.  Lipstick, though, is for interviews and dressing up.  I don’t know that I have ever finished a tube of lipstick.  I have, however, finished many, many tubes of gloss.  I have also sent many tubes through the washer, as I put them in my pocket and forget about them.

When I was younger (i.e. before I had kids), I wore my makeup most of the time.  Not always, but quite frequently.  I didn’t go out in public without it.  But, I didn’t wear lipstick, just moisturizer, when I needed it.  Honestly, my makeup was more to counteract the inflammation and redness that was caused by acne.  As I got older, my acne disappeared.  Often, I get complements on my skin, which is strange because I still think of myself as a pimply teenager.  But, once the acne cleared up, I was comfortable without makeup.  When my boys were little, I often was in a rush and didn’t wear makeup.  However, makeup was worn for work and going out.  I guess, in some respects, it still is.  My completion is good and I don’t look bad without makeup.  Often I’ll just put on some powder, mascara and lip moisturizer and be done.  But, usually, I don’t care.  When I go back to work, I’ll go back to wearing makeup every day.

But, why do some people wear lipstick all the time?  Is it a generational thing?  As I sit here typing, I am trying to think of friends of mine who wear lipstick all the time.  I am trying to think of friends of mine that wear their makeup all the time.  I am coming up blank.  A lady that I worked with, a teacher, was a “wear her makeup and lipstick all the time” person.  But she is a bit older than me (her youngest just turned 19).  She is also from the South.  Also, one of my roommates in college wore her makeup (and lipstick) all the time, only taking it off for bed.  And it was the first thing she did every morning:  put on her makeup and lipstick.  She grew up in Illinois, but her parents were from the South.  Her mom, according to her, never let her dad see her without makeup.

So, maybe it is a generational, Southern thing.  I’m not certain.  Makeup seems to be one of those “coming of age” things.  Little girls love to put it on and often get into trouble because they got into their mom’s makeup.  My niece, who is 4,  wore makeup for her ballet recital and she was so excited.  Her mom got her glitter powder and she wore lipstick.  And even at 4 she thought that she looked really pretty with it on.

Both of my boys have worn stage makeup.  Neither one of them cared for it, it was part of their costumes.  David looks amazing with eyeliner, as it brings out his eyelashes and his beautiful eyes., I admit, I would not totally approve if he decided to wear makeup every day.  Personally, I think that it is for girls and the stage.  I wouldn’t disown him if he wanted to wear makeup daily.  I just wouldn’t buy it for him.  But David is a clean-cut kid and I don’t see it as being an issue, ever.  Michael, on the other hand, I don’t know.  He might wear makeup just to rebel.  He’s that kind of kid. the boys were little, they liked watching me put my makeup on.  One day I was brave and let them put makeup on me.  I had blue and green cheeks and looked more like a clown.  The boys thought that it was great (they did my hair too) and had a blast.  I was willing.  And why should little girls have all the fun?

I’d be interested in your thoughts about makeup and lipstick – let me know what you think in the comments section.


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  1. Good one , you made me think about my Mom and Grandma’s make-up . They we not lipstick wearers, more foundation and mascara . Me , I did all that goo in the 80’s and 90’s . Now that Men On Pause has begun , my skin detests all make-up like a 12 year old girl’s pimpled face , I seem to break out more when I use it . That’s ok with me , less highlighting the wrinkles . I love that ladies still do wear lip-stick though . I just miss my old fav , no longer made that lasted so long . It was Coty ,something in a gold tube . I recently found out the Rimmel company bought them out and there is awhole lot of pages dedicated to my favorite lipstick : } I let the girl’s do my make up once too . I looked like a Pirate Hooker , lol : } I wish I had pictures , Now that would be really Good .


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