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What’s The Deal?!?

So, I wrote and published a blog on a controversial subject.  I broke several of my own rules about blogging.  I spent days writing and even longer agonizing about if I should publish the post in the first place.

And no one read it.  Alright, that isn’t true,  3 people did read it (Thank you!).

So, I am wondering why.

It had a good title, I think – Separation of Church and State, School Choice Program and Douglas County, Colorado.

It was about a current event that impacts the community.  It had a link to the Denver Post.

So, why did no one read it?  I’m really unsure.  Was the topic one that didn’t appeal to the general population?  Was it “scary” or too serious (as gleaned from the title)?

However, I am noticing a trend.  I am losing readers since I hit 166 reads in one day, I haven’t come close.  I wonder why that is.  Is it that my teacher friends have gone back to school?  Is it that, contrary to what my readers have been telling me, you aren’t enjoying the blog?

I’m clueless.  It isn’t fun to spend my time writing something that no one is reading – part of my fun with blogging is knowing that there are people out there who are reading what I wrote.

So, do me a favor – take a minute to answer my poll question.


Comments on: "What’s The Deal?!?" (1)

  1. I believe that when you write about such a subject, many people feel that they’ve already chosen a side in the debate, and because of that, don’t want to hear anymore about it. They think, if she’s on my side, I’ve already heard it, and if she’s on the other side, there’s no point in discussing it at all. In such cases, it’s better to hint at the subject rather than to describe it in detail.
    And in regard to the lack of readership after you reached a high point of readers per day, you should be aware of the fact that people in the blog community go out of their way to respond positively, and often one doesn’t hear constructive criticism because people are afraid to offend. It is easier for most people to avoid a blog, than to express disagreement. There are waves of interest, at times. It is seldom that a blog continues to become popular without periods of retreat. But what is most important for the writer, is to continue sharing those things that he or she thinks are important, and not to play for the audience. The audience can change. You might have one follower who will spread word of your blog to many, and find suddenly that you have joined a large and varied group of people who all share a common interest.


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