My journey to shoot for the moon.

Friday night/Saturday morning was supposed to be the best time to view the Perseid Meteor Shower. Although the viewing wasn’t supposed to be great because of the full-moon. The boys and I are not overly interested in Astronomy, but when something special is supposed to happen, we enjoy learning about it and trying to see it.

Last year when there was the Lunar eclipse, David and I went out to watch it. The picture in the header of my blog is from that night. We got to see quite a bit of it. It was very cool.  Michael was spending the night at a friend’s house and was able to watch some of it there.  Although, the two boys (9 years old at the time) got bored fairly quickly and went off to do other things (according to Michael’s friend’s mom).

David watching for meteors.

Anyway, the boys and I went out at 11 pm on Friday to see if we could see anything of the meteor shower. Michael and I had done some reading about the meteor shower before he left for school so we knew where to look (see StarDate if you are looking for a simple, but interesting website – on a side note, I used to listen to StarDate on the radio when I lived in Illinois).  We live right by an open space area and it is good for sitting and looking at the sky.  We knew that we were supposed to be patient and we sat for about 30 minutes watching.  Michael and I saw one meteor, but David missed it.  But that was it.  The full moon was really messing things up!

Michael looking at the sky.

So, we decided that we would head back in and try again in a few hours.  I set my alarm for 2 am and went to bed (in my clothes).  I don’t think that the boys went to bed until sometime around midnight.  At 2 am,  I got up and woke them.  They both jumped out of bed, and off we were to try again.  This time we didn’t stay out for more than 10 minutes.  It was just too bright with the full moon to see much and we didn’t see any meteors.  The boys and I were disappointed, but apparently this is a yearly event.  So we can try again next year.  I am even putting it on our online calendar with a reminder so we don’t miss it – because somehow we’ve managed to be ignorant about this event for the last 12 years.

The cool mom part was that I was willing to take them out to try to see the meteors at 11 pm (past my bedtime, usually) and that I was also willing to get up at 2 am to take them out a second time.  What they didn’t realize was that I was interested in the meteor shower too.  I am glad that they are old enough to get up at 2 am with me and that they are interested in seeing these wonders.   It is pretty cool.


Comments on: "Perseid Meteor Shower: Another Cool Mom Moment" (2)

  1. Very cool : } Just started looking at the sky a few years ago . Wow ,have I missed so much . I am learning slowly what is what up there . I’d have thought my Mom was the coolest in the world for doing what you did twice : } And hey that moon is still bright tonight as it weens northwest into sunrise soon . Lots of looking to do and it is the most peaceful way to enjoy such a huge space : }


    • Wendy –

      I try to give the boys experiences that I didn’t have as a kid. We lived in a “subdivision” and it was too bright at night to see things. Here, while we live in a populated area, there is lots of open space.

      And for those of us who aren’t sleeping, the sky at least is soothing and not over-stimulating.


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