My journey to shoot for the moon. is funny, I was waiting for my blog to be read 1,000 times and I hit that goal just two days ago.  But I was busy with the kids and didn’t really take the time to celebrate.

I was also waiting to hit 100 reads in a day, which  I have surpassed today.  This is after having almost no one read my blog over the weekend.  One of the things that I read when “researching” about getting more readers, was that posting first thing in the morning was ideal.  Today, I posted before 7 am MST.

I would imagine that it was a combination of factors that helped me reach my goals.  There are many aspects of blogging that I have no control over – I can only write and publicize and hope that my blog gets read.

I guess that the same thing can be said for my life goals.  I wanted to be teaching by my 40th birthday.  I didn’t make it.  Not because I hadn’t tried, I had.  Not because I didn’t work hard, I did (and graduated with a 3.98 GPA). I didn’t reach my goal because there haven’t been any jobs.  I cannot think of one single thing that I could have done that would have changed my situation:  there is nothing that I could have done to reach my goal that I didn’t already do.

When I didn’t reach my goal of teaching by the time I turned 40, I revised my goal.  I wanted to have a teaching position before I turned 41.  At this point, I do not think that I will reach that goal, but sometimes life surprises us.  I have until October.  I guess that if I don’t reach that goal, I’ll have to re-evaluate and decide if there is anything that I need to do differently.

For now, I have to hope that I hit the right combination of factors and reach my goals.  (And yesterday I hit 150 views in one day!)


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