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UPDATE: Being Dumped

Earlier today I posted about my two former friends, Susan and Sally (you can read the post here).  I got a text from Susan today.  Generally, I don’t believe in coincidence.

The text said – its susan (not her real name).  Just wanted to let u know ur family in in my thoughts and I hope ur hubby pulls through this.

I’m not sure how to respond to this.  It is perplexing at the very least.  Is she reading my blog and does she know that I wrote about her?  If she is reading my blog, she hasn’t read The Sobering Facts about Lung Cancer and My Opinion because is she had, she would know that there is no cure for Stage IV Lung Cancer. If she is reading my blog, how did she find it?  I certainly didn’t tell her about it.

Did she text because it was the first day of school for the Middle School kids and her daughter and David go to the same school and are in the same grade?  Did she see David today?

Chris said that Susan texts him every now and then.  He responds to her, even though it is upsetting to me, because he says “she’s checking to see if I’m still alive.”  Why she would care, I don’t know.

Anyway, I haven’t responded to Susan’s text.  I don’t know if I should.  I don’t care to ever speak to her again.  That sounds angry, but I”m not angry.  She just isn’t someone who I care to let into my life.  So, at this point, I have decided that I would update my blog and put Susan to rest and not think about her anymore.

What do you think?  Please feel free to comment, as I’d love to hear how other people feel about this.


Comments on: "UPDATE: Being Dumped" (6)

  1. I know I don’t know you very well, but I agree whole-heartedly with you.
    I feel for you as I have lost a couple of great friendships over “nothing”.
    I don’t believe that staying friends with someone should take energy out of you, but put it back in you.
    I know it’s easier said than done, but these are not people you need in your life. You know that.


    • Wendy – I wish this friendship was lost over “nothing” – but I was called unethical and a liar. I haven’t heard from her since I was dumped and we solved all the “stuff” problems. I guess I just find it odd that she texted me today. And I guess I wanted permission to “ignore” her.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your support!


  2. As in a piece of lint that may attach itself to your clothes , I say pick it off and let if drift : } You my Friend have too much to offer for this awkward , somewhat strange drive by friendship she seems to offer at her own convenience . We can all have hope , in this terrible cancer Chris has . There it is , Hope . As for her texting , I would delete and ignore . Saying Hi as you pass by for the Kids is all you need to do as they do attend the same school . I was dumped by a friend that tried to end her life twice and called me . Lucky me , got to see her stomach pumped not once , but twice . I can report her mental health is good . I care that much to want to know . Years have taken the hurt away to a strange kind of numbness when I lost my Brother , my home and life as I knew it she wasn’t there . When I imagined I had did something to offend her and called she acted as if no time had passed . It had for me . I now choose carefully , and have learned if they don’t walk the walk , then their talk is talk .


  3. I have never understood the gall of one to call your parents or of either of them to tell you how you should live your life, especially with the devastating news. A year and a half later (and supposed to be wiser) I still have no clue. They just were not friends. They took advantage of the good situation they had and when they didn’t have it anymore they were bitter and took it out on you. It is the only explanation I can find in my mind. Oh… and… ditto everything Wendy said too!


    • Hi Kathy –

      You mean the good situation of me being a good friend – willing to drop everything to get their kids when they were being arrested at 2 am and then go to bail the out of jail on my day off? You mean the friend that sent Chris to pick one of them up at the light rail station because she had too much to drink and couldn’t drive – and sent Chris because you were dealing with the other friend being arrested? You mean the friend that ran in the middle of the night to get their kids when their husband was stuck on the side of a mountain in California and had frostbite? And then kept the 3 kids for a few extra days while she had quality time with her husband in California? You mean the friend that helped them move? When we hadn’t been friends that long AND they only had the help of 2 guy friends? Out of a 3rd floor apartment? You mean the friend who was willing to be there and do for them, like a good friend would be?

      I don’t know why they would be bitter. Maybe only because I was getting community support? And they couldn’t swoop in and save the day? Maybe because it is easier to take than it is to give (at least for some people)? Like I said, I am still shaking my head over the whole thing.

      A true friend is the one who hears about your husband’s diagnosis and says, “Can I come?” and flies in from Illinois for a few days to lend support. And offers to stay in a hotel. And then comes again and will be here when they are needed. A true friend understands that life was crazy before and is even crazier now and sometimes it needs to be all about me (and that you will get to have your turn for it to be all about you and I will understand).

      Thank you for being a true life-long friend.


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