My journey to shoot for the moon.

After the last few days of difficult posts, I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

Kirby is a pug-mix.  She is mostly black and tan and it starting to turn white.  She weighs about 15 lbs.  She has a lot of spirit.  And she’s smart.  Very smart because she found us.  Not so smart because she likes to run away.

It was the end of May.  Michael was 3 and David was 5.  Summer was coming.  We wanted to add another dog to our family as Alex (our wonderful boxer-lab) was 9.  Chris and I had talked about it and decided that we would start looking for the right dog.   While we purchased Alex from someone who lived in Kenosha, WI, we wanted to see if there was a puppy we could rescue.  I went looking on PetFinder.  I expected Chris home shortly and figured he could look with me.

Our house in Zion, Illinois was a tri-level.  We had a parking area in the back where there was an alley.  We had a fence in the front yard.  Anyway, as I was looking on PetFinder, Chris came running through the house.  He yelled at me, “Don’t let the kids or the dog out front.”  And then he ran out the front door.

Puzzled, I went out the front door to see what he was doing.  And there, running around our front yard, was a little dog.  She was not wearing a collar.  Chris got some dog treats and we sat on the front step and she came over.  She was sweet and gentle.  She had something wrong with one of her eyes (there was a red protrusion), but beyond that, she seemed healthy.

Michael, our animal lover, came out to see what we were doing.  She sat down and the dog began kissing him.  When she was wagging her tail, her whole body wiggled.  Michael was in love with her.  We explained to him that she wasn’t ours to keep and called Animal Control.  When the Animal Control Officer arrived, we turned her over.  However, we did ask him what would happen if she wasn’t claimed.

He told us that we should make a reasonable attempt to find her owners, he would see if she had a chip and check the logs to see if someone reported her missing.  If, after 3 days, no one claimed her, we could come and get her from the pound.  I spent the following day calling around to see if anyone had reported her missing.  There were a couple of pugs missing, but not a pug-mix.  No one reported her missing to the police and she did not have a chip.

Animal had to hold her for 3 days.  Unfortunately, we found her on a Tuesday.  They had to hold her until Friday before they could release her.  But the Animal Control Officer and I played phone tag on Friday and were unable to connect.  And it was a 3 day weekend so it was Tuesday before we could pick her up.

When we arrived at the pound, the Animal Control Officer told us what a sweetie she was.  In fact, she was so sweet that he allowed her out of the cage and she would sit on his desk.  He allowed her to roam around the office and he had grown a bit attached to her.

Kirby - you can see the third eyelid (red protrusion) at the corner of her left eye.

We took her from the pound to the Vet.  She got all of her shots and the red protrusion was her third eyelid.  It looked gross, but she was so cute, it could be over-looked.  The third eyelid has never seemed to bother Kirby.  The vet did try a quick proceedure (that we paid $35 for) to stick it back in.  But it “popped” out again even before we left the vet.  They could do surgery, but it is costly and not guaranteed to eliminate the problem.  So we haven’t bothered.

During the car ride from the pound to the vet, had the boys work on finding a name for her, but they were having difficulties.  So, I started naming off video game characters:  Mario, Sonic, Kirby and Rayman.  The boys picked Kirby (for the video game Kirby Air Ride).

We brought her home and introduced her to Alex.  She and Alex seemed to get along, at least most of the time.  She played with Alex, which was good for Alex because she was getting older.  But Kirby liked to run.  If she got out of the fence, she would run.  And she would run fast.  We ended up having to put her on a chain, even though she was inside the fence, because if the gate was left open, she would take off.  At this point, she was precious to us and we didn’t want to lose her.

Kirby, Alex, 2 hamsters and the boys all traveled in the back of the van from Illinois to Colorado during our move.  Kirby and Alex shared the third row seating in the van.  Kirby needed to have a dog seat belt because, not only would she take off if the doors were opened, she liked to climb in the lap of the driver.

Kirby seems to like Colorado.  She loves to lie in the sun.  Thankfully, she has only “escaped” a few times.  She spent a year as an only pet after Alex died in 1997.  During that time, she had a pink piggy that she loved to throw around.  Before Piggy, she rarely played with toys.  Piggy was with us until we got Sugar and she was destroyed.   We thought that she was funny when she would play with Piggy and she made us laugh.  Piggy showed us how much Kirby still loved to play.  I’m not sure if Kirby misses Piggy, but she has Sugar to play with now.

I think that it is fitting that Sugar, our adopted greyhound-lab mix, wants to play and bugs Kirby.  Kirby bothered Alex all the time when Alex didn’t want to play.  Sugar is doing her job, though, like Kirby did hers:  she is keeping our older dog somewhat young.  And believe it or not, I think that Sugar and Kirby are friends.  They have a lot in common, they were both added to our family and they both seemed to “find” us.  I guess they both know a good thing when they see one.

Sugar and Kirby sharing my chair.


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