My journey to shoot for the moon.

There really isn’t anything to report.  I still haven’t heard from the principal at the middle school in Elizabeth.  I did email him today to follow up.  I first tried to call, but the office is closed until Monday.

There was a posting for a Moderate Needs Teaching position in Douglas County at one of the middle schools and I did apply for that one.  It doesn’t close until Wednesday.

And that is it.  There aren’t any new postings in Cherry Creek.  I think I am going to have to try Aurora and will work on finishing my application next week.

Other than that, I have applied to be a substitute in Douglas County and my application is being processed.  I know because they contacted me yesterday about one of my professional references.  So, hopefully if I can’t find a position I will be able to sub.  I did speak with the principals at Pine Lane and Sierra to let them know that I was hoping to sub and ask if they would recommend me to their staff.  I also spoke to a few teacher friends and asked them to think of me.  I’ll be sending out an email when I get a sub number and am officially approved.


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