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This month has been really rough for Chris. The side effects from the drugs and the radiation (from last month) are really causing him to be tired and nauseous.  He has been having difficulty with a “thingie” (note the use of the correct medical term) on his foot. It is a hard bump and it is causing him pain.

Chris saw the doctor (actually the nurse practitioner, I think) on Tuesday.  She really didn’t have any idea what the thing on his foot was, but since Chris had a different “thingie” (again, note the use of the correct medical term) on his head that grew to the size of a nickel and then went away after he was on the pill format of chemo (clinical trial drug) for a while, she wanted him to have it checked out.

It was my understanding that Chris was going to go for a PET Scan and then they were going to send him to a dermatologist to have the spot biopsied.  But since the spot was still small, they would probably remove the whole thing while they were doing the biopsy rather than having to go back in to have it removed.  Last I heard, the hospital person (please note my usage of the person’s correct title/position) was going to call Chris to schedule that stuff but hadn’t called yet.  Although Chris is getting better at putting things on the calendar, I haven’t seen it appear there either.

Chris told me that they did call him and he had a PET Scan not that long ago and that it is too soon to have another one.  Also, they don’t need to scan his whole body, just his foot, so they will be doing an MRI.  But they haven’t scheduled it yet.

Chris sees the pulmonary oncologist on Wednesday for his regular monthly visit.   So, maybe we’ll know more by then.  The hope was to get the scan in before Chris left this Thursday for Illinois to visit friends and family.  I guess that won’t happen, but I could be wrong.

Last night Chris took off his shirt and I noticed that his back is all red on the right side (the side with the cancer).  It looks like someone smacked him back there and there might be a bruise.  He says it doesn’t hurt.  But he says that he feels congested, like he did when they found all the fluid around his lung.

That’s the thing about cancer:  every little thing isn’t little.  Even if it turns out to be nothing, you worry about it being something.  You worry that the doctors are wrong or that they missed something.  You worry that next time it will be something.

Please look for the next post:  Sobering Facts about Lung Cancer and My Opinion


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