My journey to shoot for the moon.

Saturday was my friend Erica’s wedding to Les. Erica and I worked together during the 2010-2011 school year at Northeast Elementary School in Douglas County, Colorado. We were both Educational Assistants working with Significant Special Needs Kids. At work, Erica was funny and sweet and we hit it off.

Erica has three boys (the younger two are twins) and Les has two boys. All five boys are between the ages of 6-10. While Les’ boys live with the mother out of state, Erica and Les are very used to the chaos of having boys at their house. Erica and Les offered to take my boys in case of an emergency with Chris. What’s more is that they meant it and had me bring the boys by so they could meet Les and Erica’s three boys (who live with them).

Erica has been a true friend to me. She met me when I was upset after being harassed in the Sprouts parking lot (a story for another time and after the court case is settled). She met me to shop when I had nothing to wear for a job interview and had one day to come up with something. She listens when I need someone to talk to and was absolutely there when I was a needy friend (which rarely happens).

David and Michael were very excited when they found out that we were all invited to Erica and Les’ wedding. They didn’t complain when they needed to try on all their dress clothes so we could see what we needed to get before the wedding. They wore their dress clothes without complaint.  We left to drive to Buckley Air Force Base an hour and a half before the ceremony because Erica was afraid that security was going to be crazy (it wasn’t).  There was not a single complaint from the boys because we had to wait over an hour at the chapel.   They both looked handsome and behaved like gentlemen. They shook hands with people they were introduced to and they gave Erica’s boys hugs and pats on the back.  They were amazingly grown-up and I was so proud of them.

We are not church-goers.  So I spoke with my boys about what was expected of them when we were at the church.  Both of them were attentive (as expected at their ages).  Honestly, I was surprised at the amount of attention they gave the Chaplain.

David during the ceremony.

Neither one of them really remembers ever being at a wedding (the last wedding they attended was when David was 5 and Michael was 3 – they are now almost 13 and 10).

Michael during the ceremony.

Michael told me in the car, after the ceremony, “That wasn’t so bad.  It wasn’t too religious.”

Erica and Les had an informal reception in their back yard.  It was a lot of fun and neither one of the boys wanted to leave.  Erica and Les’ friends were great.  The boys were helpful (they were some of the oldest kids there and there were a lot of little ones).  I caught Michael helping a toddler off the edge of the patio when he thought that no one was looking, and then making sure that the little guy was steady before going off to do his own thing.  David gathered garbage and was a good sport when the little girls were climbing all over him.

Several people came to find me to tell me how wonderful my boys were.  I cannot tell you how proud of the boys I was!  I know that they are great kids but to have strangers come to tell me how terrific they are was amazing.

Erica and Les leave for Ireland tomorrow.  They will be gone for 10 days and return home just in time for Erica’s boys to start school and for her to start working at her new school.  I am certain that life will be crazy for their family!  But, I know that Erica will call or text me after she gets back and settled.  I know this because she is a true friend.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!


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