My journey to shoot for the moon.

Today was depressing. I didn’t get the job in Cherry Creek. They really liked me and they thought that I had a good amount of experience, but that I wasn’t a good fit for the team. The AP said that they didn’t want me to be miserable. Miserable? That is what I would call having to go on more interviews.

The good thing was that he said that he was going to call other adminsitrators in the district to tell them about me. I guess that is good news. It is just so frustrating! I’m doing everything right – in fact, he couldn’t give me any suggestions for improving my interviewing – and still not getting a job.

I didn’t hear anything from the elementary school in Elizabeth today. But I did hear from the middle school and have an early interview tomorrow.

I know that I need to hang in there and that there is a job out there for me, but I am so dang tired of interviewing and applying for jobs. I just want the right one to find me. And school starts soon and I’d love to have a job before school starts (although that isn’t always how it works). It would be a whole lot less stressful for me!

I started an application for Aurora and have to get them a copy of my license to apply for jobs. They had several and I figure I have nothing left to lose. Denver hasn’t called at all and I thought that I would have a good chance to work in Denver. I even applied for some long-term sub positions.

I guess I can always start the year subbing and go from there, but it would be really nice to have a place I can really get into.

Shed a few tears and felt sorry for myself for a little bit and now I’m going to head to bed since I have to put gas in the van and drive to Elizabeth first thing in the morning. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.


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