My journey to shoot for the moon.

I’m exhausted.  I’m still recovering from pneumonia and naps are a regular part of my day.  Today was a busy day.  And long, today was very, very long.   Of course, naps sometimes make it tough to fall asleep at night.

Tonight, specifically, I am finding it hard to fall asleep.  My body is tired and feels like jell-o sitting in the chair, but the bed is uncomfortable.  My eyelids are heavy, but my brain won’t turn off.

I try thinking of nothing, but everything intrudes.  What if I don’t get the job?  What if I do?  Will MV call me and let me know that she got a call for a reference check?  Eyes close again.  Starting to feel sleepy. . .

What about Michael’s alarm clock?  I need to get a shelf for it.  Maybe I should buy one that I saw at Target.  Those were too expensive.  Maybe I should try Hobby Lobby. . .my breath i n g    s l o w s

I need to finish Erica’s wedding present.  I am so glad that she loved it today.  Ready to try to sleep.

The dogs bark.  I need to be awake to do some chores tomorrow after my interview.  Eyes open.  I need to get some sleep before my interview.  Did I answer the question about what I needed to learn, well?  I know that they liked me.  Body relaxes more.  I’m now oozing jell-o.

I feel asleep with my eyes open.  My body is relaxed and I should be sleeping.  Why aren’t I asleep?  What should I try next?  A bath didn’t work.  Maybe some tea.  That would involve getting up.  I don’t want to get up.  I’m tired.

Sometimes writing helps.

Writing isn’t helping.  The boys are watching a stupid TV show on the Disney channel.  Maybe I can quill a wave for the scrapbook page about the boys’ pool party.  Scrapbooking . . .eyes are closing.

I need to refill a prescription tomorrow.  I can’t forget.  I’m so sleepy.  Maybe I can stop thinking long enough to fall asleep.  I need to check Michael’s school supply list.  Don’t want to think about school.  Too much to do.  Really should turn the computer off and get back into bed.  Tired.  Oh, so tired.  It is 9:30 pm.  I should . . . go  to    s l e e p.

Why can’t I sleep?


Comments on: "Ramblings from a Temporary Insomniac" (2)

  1. Michael said:

    Because your a mom you have too much on your mind.


    • I’m glad that you recognize that Michael. Remember, life is easier if I’m happy because if Mom isn’t happy then no one is happy.



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