My journey to shoot for the moon.

I had an interview in Elizabeth this morning for a SPED teaching position.  It would be a combination position with Mild, Moderate and Significant kiddos in 4th and 5th grade (maybe a few in 3rd depending on the caseload).  I don’t think that I got the position, even though it was a great interview.  The Principal is new to the school and last year worked in Douglas County.  She knows, first hand, what paraprofessionals do with kids in Douglas County and that is one of the reasons she asked me to come in for an interview.

However, the person in the interview before me (who currently works in Cherry Creek) has 8 years of experience.  Although I’m not sure of how much of that experience is with Mild, Moderate and Significant kids.  She’s worked in other SPED areas.  She was also very nice.  We had a chance to chat because the interviewing team was running 30 minutes late.

As always, I learned a lot today.  First, I learned that the school that I interviewed at yesterday is great.  The other candidate is an itinerant teacher and she services that school.  She said that if the Administrators in Cherry Creek were talking about me, it was a good thing.

Second, Michael’s new Principal at Pine Lane was the Principal at the school I interviewed at today, last year.  I heard some great things about her and her ability to handle difficult situations.  And some of this was from the Sheriff’s Office Liaison to the school.

Next, I learned that the Principal at the school today would be calling the Principal of a school in Douglas County that has a posted position and telling her about me, if I didn’t get the Elizabeth position.

Finally, I learned that I am making an impression on the Principals I’m interviewing with even if I haven’t been offered a position.  Since I’ve heard this twice in two days, from two Administrators from two different school districts, I guess I have to believe it.

The Principal I met with this morning promised to give me some feedback, if she didn’t offer me the job.  She did tell me that I did a great job during the interview.  She also seemed to want to talk more about why I’m not getting interviews in Douglas County.  Any insight she can give me will help.  The school is REALLY far out there and it will probably take me 20-25 minutes of driving to get there (with few traffic lights and even less traffic).  I will need a vehicle with 4 wheel drive as well.  And there is a question about the pay and benefits being less than Douglas County and Cherry Creek (I had assumed that there could be a discrepancy).  Elizabeth School District has 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school.  It is a little district compared to the other two districts which both have more high schools than I can name.  I think that it would be a good place to work, but I’m not really sure of the fit.  The SPED department would be all new teachers except for the SLP (Speech/Language Pathologist) and they are looking for someone with the confidence to lead the department.  I don’t think I am that person, yet.  I need to get some real teaching experience under my belt before I will be comfortable with that role.

I am hoping that the people on my list of references will give me a heads up, if they get contacted.  I applied for another position in Cherry Creek today and checked the other postings.  I had already applied for the position the Elizabeth Principal was going to call about, so there is nothing for me to do there.  For now, I guess I am just going to hang in there and wait.  I am supposed to hear something tomorrow.


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