My journey to shoot for the moon.

When I decided to start blogging, I thought how difficult could it be? I mean idiots blog all the time.  I consider myself to be a fairly decent writer (thanks NIU – B.A. in English) and a compassionate, intelligent person.  However, I’m finding that there is much more to blogging than I originally thought.

First, David has asked me not to blog about him.  This removes about 1/4 of my material from my daily life.  That is, if I respect his wishes.  And he asked so nicely, how can I do otherwise?  I believe that I am a fair parent and I wouldn’t want to antagonize my own son.  However, we have agreed that there are some things relating to him that I can blog about (such as a story I am working on about me being a cool and awesome mom that relates to him).  But honoring his wishes complicates matters.

Next, I can’t write about my former employer (I am officially unemployed) as my future employers could read my blog and decide not to hire me based upon what I have written.  Also, I am still applying for positions with my former employer.  Furthermore, I can’t write about my some of my opinions on current events, for the same reasons I can’t write about my former employer.

I also can’t write some things about my spouse, parents, in-laws and friends because it may result in them divorcing me or disowning me.  And truly the web isn’t the place to air dirty laundry.  On the other hand, some dirty laundry can be aired on the web, but I really need to be careful.

The issue that I’m having difficulty not writing about today is my friend’s wedding present.  My friend, Erica, is getting married in a week and I am making part of her wedding present.  I would love to blog about it, but if I do, it won’t be a surprise to her.  Now, I can blog about it and then post it after her wedding, but it isn’t the same.  And her wedding present it taking up the majority of my free time because I didn’t get started on it when I should have because I’ve been sick.  But, I’m sitting here blogging about things I shouldn’t blog about instead of working on her gift, so I guess I can’t complain about not having enough time.  I did really need a break as it is labor intensive – but more about that after the wedding.

Speaking of weddings, I was reading about etiquette regarding weddings in Colorado.  Apparently, Colorado is considered to be a laid back state as far as weddings go.  The one wedding that I’ve been to in Colorado was a formal affair so I wouldn’t know about that.  Although, Erica’s wedding reception will be somewhat casual as it is a second wedding for her and her husband-to-be.  Back to etiquette regarding weddings – did you know that the one biggest complaint that brides have about wedding guests is that they are Tweeting, posting on Facebook and texting about the event without permission.  And the posting of pictures of the wedding on Facebook is, I guess, a major issue.  As one who got married when there weren’t computers in every household and video games were a splurge, I wouldn’t know about Tweeting and posting on Facebook during a wedding (or reception).  I guess I am wondering, is it ok to post pictures of yourself at an event, if you don’t post pictures of the bride and groom?

The second biggest complaint, according to the article I was reading, of brides is that guests are taking stuff that they have no business taking – like table decorations that have been rented.  Is it that guests feel entitled to “stuff” after buying a gift, getting dressed up and attending the wedding?  These days many guests don’t bother to attend the wedding and just appear at the reception.  I wonder what their reasoning is for walking off with stuff.

And why is it that many guests don’t feel that they need to attend the ceremony?  Is it because many people aren’t religious and don’t feel the need to attend a religious ceremony?  I’m not a church going person (WAIT – stop the presses!!!   – Religion should have been included in What Not to Blog About)

SIDE NOTEPlease stop reading if you are going to be offended or if you are a future employer who may hold my religious beliefs against me.  If you are going to give me points for my religious beliefs, please keep reading.

As I said, I’m not a church going person and my actual religious beliefs are irrelevant to this blog.  However, while I would rather not spend an hour or so in a church participating in rituals that don’t have meaning for me, they generally mean something to the bride and groom.  As such, I am honored to witness a ceremony that holds meaning to them and make a point of getting myself to the church.  If I can manage it, as a non-church going person, those who do hold religious beliefs that result in them going to church should get their bottoms in a pew.  But, maybe this isn’t something I should blog about.


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