My journey to shoot for the moon.

What? What!?! WHAT??!!

I’m hearing impaired.  I have a genetic progressive hearing loss and wear hearing aids (most of the time) to help me hear.  The Deaf Community would call it hard of hearing rather than hearing impaired.  I prefer hearing impaired, as I used to hear fine and now I don’t.  So my hearing, in my opinion, is impaired.  I guess that if I had been born this way, I would prefer hard of hearing since I wouldn’t know any different.  But I do know different and sometimes mourn the loss.  Thus I am hearing impaired.

My hearing loss is an uncommon one:  it is in the voice frequencies.  Which means that I can hear lots of high or low pitched noises.  And just for the record, I hear a lot of things just fine without my hearing aids.  The problem is that I don’t always understand what I am hearing.  I know someone is talking, but it is like their words go through a translation device and they are speaking a language other than English.  I assume that it is because I don’t hear all of the sounds in their words.  Often my brain interprets the sounds and fills in the “missing” sounds.  Unfortunately for me, my brain usually doesn’t fill in the proper sounds.

A couple of weeks ago I took the boys to see Breathe Electric. (For my Colorado friends, Grant is headlining on Thurs. July 14 at the Atlas in Greeley.  We won’t be going since I am still feeling under the weather and it is quite a trek.)  I’ve written about Breathe Electric before as we wondered if Michael was trying to emulate Grant Harris (founder of Breathe Electric) with his long hair.  Anyway since it was a concert, I didn’t wear my hearing aids.  Hindsight being 20/20 I should have worn them for the time in the car, dinner and before the concert.  They are tiny and would have fit easily into their case and my pocket or purse.

The boys and I have lived in Colorado for 4 years now and we have not spent much time exploring.  So going into Denver is an adventure.  So is using my GPS.  I often have difficulties following what it is telling me.  We regularly hear “recalculating” when we are going somewhere new.  The boys have decided that it is funny and tease me about it.

Following the directions given by GPS is even harder without my hearing aids.  So are discussions in the car.  For our trip to see Breathe Electric, we went farther into Denver than I think I had ever been.  We went past Mile High Stadium and the Children’s Museum (both places we have been before).  Then we passed the Downtown Aquarium (another familiar building).   Nearby there was a cool building I didn’t recognize.  Of course, I was driving and couldn’t look for a sign telling me what the building was so I asked the boys.  They replied, “Force Field.”  Really?  Force Field, what the heck is Force Field?  I could not imagine why that would be the name of a building.  Force Fields are in SciFi.  So I asked them, “What does a Force Field have to do with the building?”  Laughter followed.  Lots of  laughter.  “What?” I asked.  More laughter.  “What!?!”  The laughter continued becoming almost hysterical.  “WHAT??!!”  I was just confused.  Apparently, there isn’t a Force Field in Denver.  But amazingly enough there is Coors Field.  In my world, a force field would have been more exciting.  Maybe then I could have blocked out the boys’ laughter.

You can find Breathe Electric at .


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