My journey to shoot for the moon.

I’m not sure when a nap became required (or preferred) after showering.  It’s not like showering is a big deal.  Hop in, lather up, rinse and maybe shave.  Ten minutes later I’m dressed and well, exhausted.  Maybe it is because showering leads to coughing.  Coughing is painful and, to put it delicately, disgusting.  Disgusting because I have pneumonia.  I won’t go into details about what the coughing brings up – no need to totally gross everyone out (maybe except my brother who is a pulmonologist and regularly deals with stuff that comes up after coughing).  I think that it is called spitum.  Anyway, it is disgusting.

Maybe that is why some older people don’t shower as frequently as they should:  it is exhausting!  Speaking of older people, I thought pneumonia was an older person illness.  And I tell you, I’M NOT OLD.  At least I don’t feel old (except when I’m coughing).  I don’t think like I’m old.  My brain tells me that I’m in my 20’s still, not twice that.  I don’t feel old enough to have a teenager (David turns 13 in August).  I’m not old enough to have celebrated my 18th Anniversary with Chris.  Definitely not old enough to be approaching 25 years since I graduated from high school!

A nap would have been good, but I feel that I’ve been sleeping the summer away.  I haven’t been feeling well for two weeks. My coughing started after running around with David for Be A Star Colorado’s production of Oz and while my friend, Kathy, was visiting from Illinois.  Went to the doctor that Monday and was told that it was bronchitis.  By Tuesday, I was running a fever of 102.5.  Every part of my body hurt.  It was horrid.  Ran that fever for almost two days and went back to the doctor on Thursday.  But before my doctor’s appointment, I had a job interview.  Yes, I went to my interview running a fever.  Got great feedback, but didn’t get the job.  Doctor didn’t hear any crackling and only sent me for an x-ray because everything pointed to pneumonia (cough, fever, etc.) and the flu test came back negative.  Sure enough, there was mucus in my lungs.  This was really disturbing to me because of Chris’ lung cancer.  And I couldn’t help thinking, “how in the hell could both of us have tumors in our lungs?”  But a discussion with my brother has mostly put my mind at ease.  His words of wisdom were, “common things are common.”  But does pneumonia count as common?  I guess it does in his world.  Not in mine.

Pneumonia can take 6 weeks to clear up.  I am on an antibiotic for another few days and see the doctor again on Thursday.  Three doctor visits in 2 weeks.  And I’m working on not overdoing things.

Which brings me back to being old. Is this what I have to look forward to?  Is it a sign that old age, when it comes (because I’M NOT OLD), will not come gently?  When I turned 40 someone told me that 40 was the new 30.  I’m not so sure.   If you are 30 do you get exhausted in the shower and have to nap afterwards?  Maybe if you have pneumonia.


Comments on: "Pneumonia and Getting Old" (2)

  1. Suave makes a great dry shampoo to use between showers so that even in your ” old age” you can look great without the shower. (((hugs)))) ❤ you!


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