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Operation Rescue: Cat

I’m not a cat person.  I never have been.  I was babysitting when I was 14 or so and got bit by a cat.  Made my ambivalence about cats turn to definite dislike.  Chris is allergic to cats.  Very allergic.  So my dislike is no big deal.  Except when there is a cat on the roof.

I was getting ready to take a nap (see previous post Pneumonia and Getting Old) when Michael came in and told me that there was a cat stuck on the roof of one of the neighboring apartment buildings.  He said that Chris needed something to help get the cat down.  I was thinking, maybe a 10 foot pole.  No offense to my cat-loving friends.  The boys were in and out trying to figure out what they could use to get the cat down.  Chris came in to ask me if I wanted to come out.  He decided that he was going to climb up and get the cat down.  So, out I went, thinking I have my phone in case I need to call 911 for the cat or Chris.  Chris took the step stool and put in front of the window leading out to the roof and climbed through the window.

If you look closely, you can see Michael leaning out the window.  The cat is in the gutter.

The cat was not coming out of the gutter.  Chris tried pushing it up by its rear, but it was just not helping.  So, Chris pulled it up by the back of its neck and got it out.

Chris had asked me if I wanted to come up to take the cat before he got on the roof.  I declined.  Since I didn’t want to take the cat, Michael went up with Chris.  Chris got the cat and went to hand it to Michael through the window.  Michael, lover of all animals, didn’t want the cat.  So Chris put it down on the ground.  Then he put the step stool on the roof and climbed back through the window.

In the meantime, the cat ran off and was under some cars.  A lady in one of the apartments saw the cat under the car and “rescued” him.  The cat was lethargic and probably dehydrated.  Apparently he had been up there since sometime this morning.  And it was hot.

There was a missing cat sign by the mailboxes and the guys copied the number to give to the lady that was hanging onto the cat.  She had cats and didn’t mind taking this one in.  For us that would have been extremely difficult.  You see, with even that brief contact with the cat, Chris was breaking out in a rash.  And I’m not sure what our dogs, Kirby and Sugar, would think of a cat.  They have never seen one up close.  So having the lady take the cat was a good solution.

I do hope that the cat will be alright.  Chris washed his hands and arms and took some allergy medicine.  His rash should be going away soon.  Of course, I suggested to Chris, before Operation Rescue:  Cat, that he call maintenance to come with a ladder to help the cat.  He was worried about the cat drowning in the gutter because it was starting to rain and he didn’t want to wait.

Now it is raining and the temperature had cooled off.  The cat is safe and dry.  The boys have gone back to doing their thing.  Chris is in the tub, relaxing.  It is perfect napping weather.  Of course, it is too late for me to nap now.  If I do, I won’t sleep tonight and we will all miss out on dinner (since usually if I don’t cook, no one cooks).  And I choose to blame the cat, not my three soft-hearted guys.  Good thing I don’t care much for cats.


Comments on: "Operation Rescue: Cat" (3)

  1. susan chesen said:

    What a great story! Loved the pictures and the humor!! If this writer isn’t professional she should be, she has a real way with words. Glad the cat and the boys all made it!!


  2. That was great and the pictures were wonderful. Chris comes by the animal rescue instinct from having a dad who loved and took care of any and all animals that might come along. We have stories about cats, birds, etc., etc., etc.

    Hope his allergies have let up now!

    The blogs are very, very good!


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